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Student comments!

"You are not only a great artist to emulate, you are a great teacher"

Peggy K.
"Learned more in this workshop than in 50 years! Great Job!!!"
Jo N.
"Virgil you did a terrific job teaching"
Vicky L.
"Liked having all the supplies furnished, makes it easier to see what is used. Glad to see Virgil showed technique"
Justin C.
"YES, I would recommend this class!"
Gaye Lynn M.
"I was quite amazed that I was able to keep up and your teaching style was affirmative and very encouraging"
Kathleen H.
"This has made me excited about drawing again!  I absolutely have learned several things... #1 the grid method and how you transferred the image. #2 more about shading and how to do hair.  I will mention this class to anyone interested in art, or learning to draw."
Anita K.
"As a beginner I was surprised that I completed a portrait in three days, much less to have it look like the model. Virgil gave me one on one time as well as the other students, which made all the difference in the students walking away satisfied.  I can't wait for his next class!"
Emily F.

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