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Would you like to take a workshop?  Currently, I can schedule a workshop in your area if you have 6-15 students.  Call me for scheduling at the numbers below. 

“Painting in Charcoal”

A Gathering Of Thoughts, by Virgil C. Stephens
 3-day workshop
Cost: $375.00
Some of you have may have items off of my supply list, thus you can bring your own supplies, but for those that
do not, the supply list is below with a price list of the items you can purchase from me on Friday before class.

(1)  Faber Castell eraser pencil $3.00
(1)  General Charcoal Pencil (white) $1.00
(1)  General Charcoal Pencil (HB) $1.00
(1)  General All Art Pencil Sharpener (little red) $1.00
(1)  Design kneaded eraser $0.25
(2)  Sandpaper Blocks (1x4 inch) $1.50
(1)  Blick Triangle (30/60) 12 inch $3.75
(1)  Sharpie Ultra-Fine Black $1.00
(1)  Proportional Scale  5 inch $4.00
(1)  General graphite pencil (6H) $0.75
(1)  pack of Big Kid Choice Brights paint brushes $4.00
(1)  Tortillion blending or rubbing stump $0.15
(1)  Gallery Soft Pastel square stick $1.00
(1)  Mechanical pencil $0.30
(1)  Dusting Brush $1.00

List of items that will be provided for the student to use during class time
Tracing paper
Vellum drawing paper
aluminum yard stick
drawing board

Anatomy instructional material and a class outline will be handed out at the beginning of class on Friday

12 students maximum per class

·       All needed supplies can be purchased on Friday before class starts

·       Gift certificates available for you to purchase for someone else

·    Please send payment to:

 Virgil C. Stephens, 121 Buckboard Trail, Nogal, NM 88341

 You can secure your spot with a Credit Card until your check arrives by calling
Virgil or Emily at:  (575)973-5688 or (602) 402-4025   Please leave your return phone number so I can get back with you)
If in doubt... email me!  I always get my emails

“Drawing with Oil”
Oil "Rub-Out" workshop

American Beauty, by Virgil C Stephens
3-Day Rub-Out workshop

Prospectus for the Rub-Out

No one knows who invented the “rub-out” technique.  Art historians have dated the technique back to the time of Michelangelo.  The schools at that time required its mastery before students were allowed to explore color.  The traditional oil colors used are burnt umber and burnt sienna (the two raw pigments can also be used).  The support used here is board or canvas.  It is then acrylic gessoed and sometimes textured, then gessoed again.  The whole process is subtractive art and teaches the student light and dark values by reversing their usual experience of developing the illusion of form by first placing dark and working toward the light.  This wipe out, wipe off, rub off, or “rub-out” works from dark to light, accomplished by the use of fingers and a cotton/polyester rag, and is the next step in progression toward full color painting.  There is virtually no brush work.  Use of this technique, usually “loosens up” the art student.  Such is a quality most artists aspire to attain.

Student Supply List for Rub-Out Class

4 -3/16” to 1” wide                        Flat Sables
1- 3” or 4” disposable                     Foam brush
1- 2” or 2 ¼                                      Bristle Fan
1-1 ½ “                                             Sable Fan
1- #1 or #2                                       Round or Quill Sable
2- 2” ($1.15 at a hardware store)  Flat Bristle

Favorite Easel… sit or stand easel… either one will work.


1- Silicoil brush cleaning Tank
1- 2 ¼” to 2 ½ “  step down, Round Point Painting Knife
6-8 Pair of latex gloves (walmart)
10- 14” (approx. size) squares of polyester/cotton blend, non patterned bed sheets (I get mine at the thrift store for 1-2 bucks
1 roll of paper towels
3- 16”x20” canvases or canvas board (wal-mart or Hobby Lobby)
1-Quart of odorless paint thinner or Turpinoid (walmart probably has it)

NO REFUNDS 30 days prior to class.

For those that have an emergency and are forced to cancel after the no refunds cancelation date, you can apply the funds to another class.

If you have any questions, please call me at (505)750-7141

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