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Original art of boats, sailboats, beaches, lighthouses, water fowl, Blue Herons, Seagulls, ships and all art related to the ocean, lakes, and beaches.

Lunch original painting

Horsdoeuvres original painting
Hors d' oeuvres
A Day At The Beach, original Acrylic on canvas by Virgil C. Stephens 
A Day At The Beach

 Gull-Ible, original Acrylic of seagulls by Virgil C. Stephens

Salmon, original acrylic of a salmon by Virgil C. Stephens

Heron, original painting by Virgil C. Stephens
Color Wheels, original Acrylic on canvas by Virgil C. Stephens 
The Sands Of Time, original painting by Virgil C. Stephens
The Sands Of Time

Spring Fever, original oil of cardinals, by Virgil C. Stephens
Spring Fever

Backyard Buddies, original oil of Cardinals, by Virgil C. Stephens
Backyard Buddies
Flirty Birdie, original painting of cardinals. by Virgil C. Stephens
Flirty Birdie
Sentinel, original oil painting of a cardinal by Virgil C. Stephens
Pike Strike, Northern pike original painting by Virgil C. Stephens
Pike Strike


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