Most frequently ask questions

  • Shipping is FREE for all U.S. purchases.   Outside U.S. please contact us
  • If art comes damaged, please email me at virgil@notevena.com and we'll get you taken care of
  • Can I use Virgil C. Stephens images?  Not without written permission or a contract
  • How long does it take to receive the art ?  If we are in town, 3 days is customary, unless it's an original that has to be professionally shipped through our shipping supplier
  • What is a Giclée?  Giclée is a French word meaning “the spraying of ink”. Giclées are  museum quality reproductions on canvas or paper, which are printed using  pigmented inks on archival canvas or on 100% acid free cotton rag paper, and my offset lithographs are also printing on acid free paper.  When framing my artwork, you should use rag mats if you plan on matting the artwork in a frame. 
  • Will I be charged tax? Paypal will charge  you tax if you are purchasing from a state that requires you to be taxed or you are a New Mexico resident
  • Does Virgil do commissioned art?  YES, it is 50% of my business, so please contact me if you want something personal done in art form.