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Limited edition giclee prints of wildlife, coyotes, eagles, from original oil paintings of coyotes,
original drawings of eagles, paintings of quail, paintings of Rocky Mountain Elk


Dueling For Darlin's
Attitude Adjustment, bull elk fighting by Virgil C. Stephens
Attitude Adjustment 

 giclee print of Rocky Mt Elk
A Whole Lot Of Bull

Heron, original painting by Virgil C. Stephens

giclee print of coyote yawning
Birds Of A Feather oil painting by Virgil C. Stephens western artist
Birds Of A Feather

Eye To Eye, giclee print of a horse and a bird looking at eachother by Virgil C. Stephens
Eye To Eye

black & white pencil drawings of wildlife

Observation Post, giclee print of the North American Mountain Lion, cougar art by Virgil C. Stephens
Observation Post
CheeringSection giclee print of Ravens by Virgil C. Stephens
Cheering Section 
 Patience Is a Virtue, original acrylic painting by Virgil C. Stephens
Patience Is A Virtue

The Gossips, giclee print of ravens, by Virgil C. Stephens
The Gossips
giclee print of quail
Legal Resident

patriotic print of eagle and flag
We Will Prevail
Blue Heron oil painting by Virgil C. Stephens western artist
Blue Heron

Who Goes There? Prairie Dogs giclee print by Virgil C. Stephens
Who Goes There?
Perched And Poised, giclee print of a Pine Raven by Virgil C. Stephens
Perched and Poised

Night Flight, giclee print of Ravens, by Virgil C. Stephens
Night Flight
Whitetail Whoop-Ass original painting
Whitetail Whoop-ass
He Took A Wrong Turn Original painting
He Took AWrong Turn  
Pounch original painting 

Cat Burglar, original graphite and conte pencil drawing of a Mountain Lion, by Virgil C. Stephens 
Cat Burglar

Horsdoeuvres original painting
Hors d' oeuvres
Surprise, mule deer giclee print by Virgil C Stephens
Danger At The Waterhole, antelope print by Virgil Stephens
Danger At The Waterhole
Eye Candy, deer print by Virgil Stephens
Eye Candy

Herd bull print of an elk by Virgil C. Stephens
Herd Bull
Opus, bull elk print by Virgil C. Stephens
It Never Ends, pine raven art by Virgil Stephens
It Never Ends
Out On A Limb, raven art by Virgil C. Stephens
Out On A Limb

At A Glance, original oil painting of a bear, by Virgil Stephens
At A Glance
Branching Out, raven artwork by Virgil C. Stephens
Branching Out

I Love You Daddy, original oil painting of deer by Virgil C. Stephens
I Love You, Daddy
Backyard Buddies, original oil of Cardinals, by Virgil C. Stephens
Backyard Buddies
Spring Fever, original oil of cardinals, by Virgil C. Stephens
Spring Fever

Cardinals, giclee print of cardinal birds in the snow, by Virgil C. Stephens
Heading For Cover, whitetail deer running by Virgil C. Stephens
Heading For Cover
Salmon, original acrylic of a salmon by Virgil C. Stephens

Hungry Hunter, giclee print of an owl in flight, by Virgil C. Stephens
Hungry Hunter
Pasture Perrier, giclee print of a raven drinking out of a freezless pump, by Virgil C. Stephens
Pasture Perrier
Gull-Ible, original Acrylic of seagulls by Virgil C. Stephens
Range Rooster, giclee print of a Roadrunner, by Virgil C. Stephens
Range Rooster

Air Raid, giclee print of an owl in flight, by wildlife artist Virgil C. Stephens
Air Raid
The Outlet, giclee print of Bass Lake Outlet, on the shores of Lake Michigan, by Virgil C. Stephens
The Outlet
Larry, original painting of a Polar Bear playing bass guitar
Jimi,original oil painting of a Tiger playing lead guitar

Grover, original oil painting of a Rhino playing the sax
  Bernard, original music painting of a gorilla playing the drums


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