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All of my giclee prints & offset limited edition prints are printed on the
highest quality paper & canvas available

Limited edition prints are copies of the original piece of artwork that are not original artwork.  Limited edition prints means that not only is the artwork a print, but it is a limited print, limited to the number that the artist chooses.  Our limited edition prints are limited to 95 & up to 500.  Our method of printing is offset lithographs & giclee on paper & canvas.  We have the original scanned on a high tech scanner or photographed in a digital process.  We use the top of the line heavy stock archival paper  and canvas for these limited edition prints

Suggestions for Displaying Your Fine Art Print

Giclee Prints
A Giclee is a recognized and collectible category of fine art.
Giclée” (zhee-clay) is a French term roughly meaning "spray" of which describes the digital printing process used to produce the Giclee.

All of my giclee prints and offset limited edition prints are printed on the highest quality paper and canvas available to me and have a life expectancy that will exceed your natural life when properly framed and hung or stored.   Life of the print may be directly impacted by what you, as the owner, do with your print.  How you frame it.  What type of glass you use and when you hang it in relation to sunlight exposure and heat and humidity control.

The following suggestions should be followed to increase the life of your fine art print. They are only guidelines and it is still your personal choice of how and where you hang your pieces of art work.

Your paper giclee needs to be properly framed.  The print needs to be framed with an acid free or better mat, (I recommend crescent rag mat), and under glass with a proper dustcover or sealed back. .

You may use UV protected glass if your room has a lot of light and your art may receive too much exposure, and the art therefore needs extra protection.  Any form of glass or Plexiglas will protect your print from dust and other household elements that may create damage. 

Your canvas giclee print has been protected by a finishing varnish that is UV resistant. Frames and glass are not necessary for these pieces of art work. 

Where you hang and display your giclee is the most important concern in ensuring longevity of your giclee.    Please remember that no piece of art should be exposed to direct sunlight on a permanent basis. 

When you need to do the occasional cleaning of the properly framed piece do not spray the cleaner directly onto the glass.  The cleaner could and probably will run downward with gravity and will seep into the edge of the frame and be absorbed by the mat and could discolor it.

I recommend not using cleaners that have ammonia in their formula.  Frankly a micro fiber cloth that has been lightly dampened with plain water will probably take most fingerprints and dust off your glass. 

If you have chosen a UV protected glass you, you won't have to worry much about the lighting source.  If you are using regular glass do not place the print in a room with quartz halogen or fluorescent lamps or let it sit in direct sunlight.

I do not recommend that you store your prints in an attic (high heat) a basement (high humidity). Temperature controls suitable for human beings are recommended for these prints.


Please enjoy your beautiful new giclee print!


Original Art  Pencil Art  Giclee Prints  Christmas Cards  Note Cards  Commissioned Art   
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