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Procedure for damaged art on arrival
Shipping limitations:   Large format works will require freight. All shipping and handling costs on all items will be paid by the customer prior to shipment.    To ‘tube’ means that the canvas is rolled into a mailing tube and shipped.  You will then be responsible for the matting, or stretching of canvas and/or framing on your end.  Shipping the art in a tube will economize your shipping and handling costs and actually may provide better protection for the art work in many circumstances.   
I ship Canvas Giclee's, & several of the paper prints in tubes, as well as flat, and original artwork are shipped padded, wrapped and in a box.

Prints are protected by first wrapping them in paper.  They are then rolled in tubes for easy removal, or if shipped flat, they are wrapped in paper, then padded in foam core, then packed in cardboard. I have had only 4 damaged prints in 25 years.  This form of shipping is working. Large Originals are packed and shipped by a shipping company that is local here my my town. They are insured, and shipped UPS. 

Lost or damaged shipments: (It seldom happens, but just in case)

1.           You must notify me immediately that your item has been received in a damaged condition.  Please use the phone or email to make this notification.  If you fail to notify me, the claim for damaged goods may be denied, due to the carrier's policies and not mine.  If certain procedures are not followed when the damage is found, the carrier may refuse to pay the claim.

2.           You must be prepared to hold the shipment in the original container for the inspector for the Postal Service,  UPS or other carrier.  The shipping carrier will handle the return of the goods to me, and you should not have to pay for these return costs.

Original Art  Pencil Art  Giclee Prints  Christmas Cards  Note Cards  Commissioned Art   
Contact Us  About The Artist  News  Links  FAQS  Shows  Workshops 
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